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Human and DNN Classification Performance on Images With Quality Distortions: A Comparative Study

Image quality is an important practical challenge that is often overlooked in the design of machine vision systems. Commonly, machine vision systems... (more)

Visual Stabilization of Balance in Virtual Reality Using the HTC Vive

Vision in real environments stabilizes balance compared to an eyes-closed condition. For virtual reality to be safe and fully effective in... (more)

The FechDeck: A Hand Tool for Exploring Psychophysics

Learning the methods of psychophysics is an essential part of training for perceptual experimentation, and hands-on experience is vital, but gaining this experience is difficult because good tools for learning are not available. The FechDeck is an ordinary deck of playing cards that has been modified to support learning the methods of... (more)



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ACM Transactions on Applied Perception aims to strengthen the synergy between computer science and psychology/perception by publishing top quality papers that help to unify research in these fields.

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