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Photoplethysmogram-based Cognitive Load Assessment Using Multi-Feature Fusion Model

Cognitive load assessment is crucial for user studies and human--computer interaction designs. As a noninvasive and easy-to-use category of measures,... (more)

Tactile Texture Display with Vibrotactile and Electrostatic Friction Stimuli Mixed at Appropriate Ratio Presents Better Roughness Textures

Vibrotactile and friction texture displays are good options for artificially presenting the... (more)

Assessing Neural Network Scene Classification from Degraded Images

Scene recognition is an essential component of both machine and biological vision. Recent advances in computer vision using deep convolutional neural... (more)

Comparative Evaluation of User Perceived Quality Assessment of Design Strategies for HTTP-based Adaptive Streaming

HTTP-based Adaptive Streaming (HAS) is the dominant Internet video streaming application. One... (more)



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ACM Transactions on Applied Perception aims to strengthen the synergy between computer science and psychology/perception by publishing top quality papers that help to unify research in these fields.

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